American Craft Week

This will be the third year of ACW. Now is the time to buy local, and made in the U.S.A. we can absolutely mend our economy with the education, support and growth of handmade objects in our country. What could happen if even half of the energy put into sports in our country was focused on arts and crafts in our schools? Asheville is nearly surrounded by educational facilities of the craft world. We have John C. Campbell to the south, Haywood and Arrowmont to the west, and Penland to the north. It’s never too late for change. Recognize, celebrate, and support. Get involved. handmade is where it’s



Saturday in downtown Asheville

Gallery events…




Can you believe that it’s August, already? How did that happen? It seems sometimes, like the season’s are being shortened into 2 week frames and not a whole month. At any rate… we are in full swing and rolling with the punches! There’s much happening aorund here. We just came out of Bele Chere. It seems more and more like local businesses are closed for that weekend. I heard that The Bywater, not only closed, but the entire staff all went to Charleston together! How inspiring is that? The Bywater is a must when visiting Asheville! Check out the link and make plans to go there if you’re ever in the area.

So, we at Van Dyke Jewelry and Fine Craft, took the opportunity to do some projects around the gallery and to take a bit of a break. A couple of us even went down to Bele Chere, and one of us went tubing on the French Broad! We’re glad to be back and to share with you the upcoming events we will be hosting at the gallery. First up is the next the next studio stroll in downtown, in which we invite folks to come in, enjoy some wine, arts, crafts, snacks, and live music. It runs from 5-8, this Friday.

The following Friday, the 10th we will be hosting a reception for artist’s who are participating in Rapid River Magazine’s “Magic of the Smokies” art competition. That will start at 5:00 and go until 8:30. The event will be catered by Jimmy John’s. Artist’s will be in attendance, and you can vote on the one you feel most exemplifies the feeling of the region.

 One of my personal favorites, Jennifer Barrineau, has a piece in the show as well as new work on display in the gallery. So, come on out. Support local business, local artist’s, local economy, local culture and be a part of the beautiful local community here in Asheville. (a.k.a. “cesspool of sin”)

It has been a long time.

At nearly the end of July, it seems like the summer is nearly over. Time goes so fast. Hope that you make it to Asheville sometime this year if you’ ve not already! The Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands kicks off today! Best wishes to all participating and to all whom attend! If you are planning a trip to the Western North Carolina mountains, be sure to visit the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It features work made by members of the Southern Highland Craft Guild, a museum of the history of Appalachain crafts, as well as rotating galleries of current exhibits of local arts and crafts.

New paintings, new jewelry



We are enjoying the mood created in the gallery with the paintings of Matt Zedler. They’re wonderful and beautifully framed. Also, new jewelry from Chris Van Dyke and more work from Una Barrett arriving Monday!


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Welcome Matt Zedler!

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As well as local jewelry

We also offer a variety of jewelry services, conveniently located in downtown Asheville.

Jewelry for yourself, gifts, or repair

[[posterous-content:pid___0]]…As well as local jewelry

We also offer a variety of jewelry services, conveniently located in downtown Asheville.